If your home was destroyed by the fire, your household will receive a £5500 ‘initial emergency payment’ (made up of £500 cash and £5000 into your bank account).

To apply complete a claim form at the Assistance Centre, The Curve,10 Bard Road, W10 6TP.

Alternatively, contact:

Or you can speak to your police family liaison officer who will help you with the process.

RBKC Discretionary Funding – for residents who have returned to their homes

Funding for residents who have returned to their homes, but can show an on-going financial need due to the fire. Apply by phone by calling: 0207 745 6464.
An assessment will be undertaken over the phone, and any awards will be collectable from the Post Office, 325 Portobello Road, W10 5SY

Any payments from the funds listed will not affect people’s benefits.


Grenfell Tower residents can all the dedicated enquiry line from 8am to 6.30pm for advice on benefits. The numbers are:

  • 020 7941 6661
  • 020 7941 6634
  • 020 7941 6671

DWP have announced that benefits will not be affected for people from W11 postcodes ending in 1TQ, 1TG, 1WA and 1WB. Any Work Capability Assessments and medical evidence deadlines will be postponed.

Support for residents – from charities and independent organisations

Family Action Grenfell Tower Fund
Available to residents of Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk. Grants of up to £2,000 per household with the option to apply again in two months for a second grant if funds are available.

Apply in person through any of the following partner organisations:

  • Assistance Centre, The Curve, 10 Bard Road, W10 6TP
  • The Clement James Centre, 95 Sirdar Road, London W11 4EQ
  • Venture Centre, 103A Wornington Road, London W10 5YB
  • The Rugby Portobello Trust, 221 Walmer Road, London W11 4EY
  • Action on Disability Kensington and Chelsea, ADKC Centre, Whitstable House, Silchester Road, London W10 6SB

Fresh Start Grants – The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation
A grant of £10,000 per household from Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk, whether they have or haven’t secured new temporary or permanent accommodation.

It will be automatically placed in your bank account by Rugby Portobello Trust.
Otherwise please speak to the New Homes Team at Rugby Portobello Trust on 020 7229 2928 or email newhomesteam@rpt.org.uk for more information.

Grenfell Tower travel assistance – The British Red Cross
Funding for travel for humanitarian purposes, such as memorial services or funerals
Request an application form by calling 0207 877 7292. You can also email familyreunion@redcross.org.uk

Funds for Survivors
Joint fund created by London Emergencies Trust (LET), The British Red Cross and The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation.

Working through the London Emergencies Trust and the Rugby Portobello Trust as distributors, new grants will be made to the 165 households affected by the fire and those bereaved and seriously injured are going to receive more funding.

  • £15,000 to the 139 Grenfell Tower Households
  • £8,000 to the 26 Grenfell Walk households

This fund will be automatically placed into your bank account by Rugby Portobello Trust

Should RPT not hold your details you can contact the Rugby Portobello Trust to request payment on 020 7229 2928 or email newhomesteam@rpt.org.uk for more information.

London Community Foundation on behalf of Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund Artists for Grenfell
Public donations to the London Community Foundation/Evening Standard appeal, funds from the track released by Artists for Grenfell and #Game4Grenfell.

For each household in Grenfell Tower:

  • £2000 in emergency grants
  • £10,000 as a fresh start grant (please note, this is in addition to the Fresh Start Grant separately offered by the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation)
  • £13,000 From 18 August additional Fresh Start grant from Evening Standard Fund
  • £2,000 From 18 August for each  household from Artists for Grenfell proceeds

This can be collected from:

  • From 18 August Rugby Portobello Trust will automatically place funds in the bank accounts of those eligible where they hold those details. Should RPT not hold your details you can contact the Rugby Portobello Trust to request payment on 020 7229 2928 or email newhomesteam@rpt.org.uk for more information.
  • The Rugby Portobello Trust, 221 Walmer Road, London W11 4EY

London Emergencies Trust (LET) – funding for the bereaved and injured

From 27 November onwards LET began to make further payment increases to those bereaved or injured as a result of the tragedy at Grenfell Tower.

  • Payments to bereaved next of kin will rise from £60,000 to £90,000
  • Payments to those hospitalised for a week or more will rise from £25,000 to £30,000

New cases and cases currently under consideration will also be paid this revised full amount:

  • £90,000 per deceased person to next of kin
  • £30,000 if hospitalised for one week or longer


  • those who were in hospital for between four days and a week have gone from £3,500 to £10,000 over the five months
  • People hospitalised for more than six hours but less than four days have received £3,500

This brings the total amount that will be awarded by LET to those caught up in the tragedy to £7.7 million although the charity expects this to rise to close to £8 million by the end of the year based on applications it expects to receive.

To apply for a grant, please get in touch with LET by 15 January 2018.  Find out more about how LET are helping.

Transport for London (TfL) Grenfell Support Line

Information and advice for survivors and people displaced by the Grenfell Tower fire, as well as Key Workers and those seeking information on behalf of survivors and displaced families.

Call the TfL Grenfell Support Line on: 0800 222 9876.
The line is open from 10am to 6pm (7 days a week).
This line is staffed by a dedicated specialist group of contact centre advisers.

Support for community organisations

Community Costs Core Fund
Independent Trusts and Foundations and Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC), managed by John Lyon’s Charity.

Grants for any group or organisation working with individuals and communities affected by the Grenfell fire, so they can get extra equipment, spaces, food, supplies or staff they need to support the community.

Download guidance and application form from: londonfunders.org.uk/trust-and-foundationfunding-andsupport-community-groups-affectedgrenfell-fire

Children and Young People’s Fund Independent Trusts and Foundations, managed by John Lyon’s Charity

Any group or organisation working with children, young people and families affected by the Grenfell Tower Disaster.

Grants are available for:

  • Phase 1 funding – aimed at immediate needs, e.g. activities over this summer holiday
  • Phase 2 funding – medium and longer term funding for emotional well-being and resilience support for children, young people, families and staff

Download guidance and application form at http://jlc.london/news/grenfell-tower-disaster/ and submit to info@jlc.london

Support for local community organisations involved in the response from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Grants for any local group or organisation that is working with individuals and communities affected by the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Grants are available for both project and core costs, and for work that is needed with any part of the community.

The organisation should have a track record and experience of both working in the area and in delivering the support they are seeking funds for.

If you would like to apply please contact:
Mr Callum Wilson Callum.Wilson@rbkc.gov.uk or Mr Owen McGirr owen.mcgirr@rbkc.gov.uk

Public inquiry

You will receive funding for the cost of legal representation at the public inquiry. Details on how to apply for this will be available once the inquiry has been set up.

Legal aid

You can get help in meeting the costs of legal advice or representation.

Check your eligibility online at www.gov.uk/check-legal-aid

Banks accounts

If you don’t have a bank account, staff at The Curve Assistance Centre can help you set one up.

If you’ve lost bank cards, accounts and ID documents in fire, banks have provided phone numbers where you can get help.

Bank of Scotland – 0345 721 3141
Barclays – 0345 734 5345
Co-op – 03457 212212
Halifax – 0345 720 3040
HSBC – dedicated support line on 03456 092527
Lloyds – 0345 300 0000
NatWest – 0161 451 0217
Nationwide – 0800 917 23 93
Royal Bank of Scotland – 0161 451 0218
Santander – 0800 0156 382