For those that need it, homes are being repaired and redecorated and the Council will help move belongings out of hotels. The Council hopes that residents will want to return to their homes on Hurstway Walk, Testerton Walk and Barandon Walk (the Walkways), but recognises that this will not be the case for everyone.

For those not returning to the Walkways, the Council is providing interim accommodation options to support families out of hotels and into homes. Further information, including a factsheet and a list of frequently asked questions, is available on the RBKC website at:

Consultation on permanent rehousing for Walkways residents

The Council has launched a consultation on its rehousing policy for those residents not wishing to return to the Walkways. This will run until the 5 January 2018 to give you a chance to have a say about your options.

View the draft policies and find out the full details at

What happens next?

The consultation period closes on 5 January 2018. The feedback received from the events, online and from written feedback forms will be used to inform the recommendation of a final Walkways Rehousing Policy to the Council’s Leadership Team, who will decide whether to implement the recommended policy. We will update this page when we have further information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Grenfell Housing Team on 020 7361 3034.

Help us shape the Walkways

The Council wants to talk to Walkways residents about your future housing options and how to make the Lancaster Estate a great place to live.